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Being a customer of Agility Fleet and having a vehicle through us should be hassle free and uncomplicated experience. We are here to help you, some of our services comprise of;

  • Contract Management
  • Cherished Plate Transfer
  • Add Maintenance Cover
  • Travel Abroad Documents

If your situation should change, please contact the team to discuss.

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Contract Management

As a customer with Agility Fleet we off a range of Contract Management solutions to help you run your fleet effectively. This can range from realigning existing contracts, extensions or if you decide to early terminate the vehicle we are here...

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Cherished Plate Transfer

The term cherished plates is mostly used to describe private or personal vehicle registration plates. If your current vehicle has a cherished plate, and you would like this transferred to your new vehicle, we can take you through the simple...

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Add Maintenance Cover

If you have a Contract Hire vehicle with Agility Fleet and you would like to add a full maintenance package including: Servicing Maintenance Tyre replacements MOTs Roadside assistance Then please get in touch and one of our team will be...

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Travel Abroad Documents

It is imperative that every driver by law completes the relevant travel abroad documents or carries the vehicles V5. In the circumstances of the vehicle being leased, a VE103B and a letter of authorisation to show you have permission to...

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Contact Agility Fleet

At Agility Fleet, our team are on hand to support and guide you through your fleet and personal contract hire needs.

If you have an enquiry please call us on  01527 571 605 or email us on

If your enquiry is related to vehicle accident or breakdown please call our 24 hours helpline 01527 571 605

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