Grey Fleet Management

A Grey Fleet is a fleet of drivers who use their own vehicles for business use. Our Grey Fleet Management solution is here to help you stay in control of this area. Grey fleet poses well known financial and legal risks so it is vital to manage it properly.

By partnering with Agility Fleet we can assist you with the following:

  • Controlling costs
  • Checking that insurance and breakdown cover is valid
  • Cover driver, vehicle and policy issues
  • Reduced administration burden
  • Fulfils your duty of care obligations

All grey fleet responsibility sits with the employer. Therefore, it is in your best interest for your business to understand where you stand with your grey fleet.

Car lights at night on the road going to the city

A driver handbook and policy is vital. It will ensure all your drivers are aware of their roles when driving for work and the companies code of conduct. Informing your drivers that they require and will need to provide proof of correct insurance, is crucial and the employers responsibility. Visit Driver Handbooks and Policies for more information.


How many drivers are in your Grey Fleet?

Grey fleet is best defined as business miles travelled by an employee in their own vehicle or a vehicle obtained through a company allowance. If you have 1, 200 or more grey fleet drivers, we can support you and take away the headache of grey fleet.


Do you have any vehicle restrictions?

If your business has restrictions for your driver’s vehicles, whether that be for their personal cars or if you provide a monthly car allowance, you need a grey fleet policy in place. Best practice is to issue a policy to every driver in your fleet.


How far are they driving in their vehicle?

With Agility managing your grey fleet, you will be able to request frequent mileage reports, giving a more cost effective approach to business mile- age. Dependent on your requirements, telematics can be installed helping you to fulfil your duty of care obligations.

Efficient and compliant Grey Fleet solutions with Agility Fleet…

Grey Fleet drivers are classed as any employee that drives their own vehicle for business purposes. We have your fleet in mind and are here to help you eliminate any duty of care nightmares with our grey fleet solutions.

Employers who drive grey fleet vehicles have the same legal duty of care as they do for those driving company vehicles.

Alongside our grey fleet solutions, we can support you in other areas of duty of care to ensure your grey fleet is compliant and running efficiently.

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