Fleet Funding

Our aim is to find you the best solution for your current business requirements.

We make financing your vehicles easy and manageable without requiring ownership. We understand businesses may require comprehensive short to mid-term vehicle hire as well as the longer-term funding options such as Business Contract Hire or Contract Purchase.

With any funding option, there are always benefits as well as considerations. One of Agility Fleet’s core values is integrity.

Therefore, we aim to provide both the benefits and considerations to various funding solutions. To find out more about this please call one of the team now on 01527 571 605


Contract hire business leasing

Business Contract Hire

Business contract hire can suit any business, whether it’s a fleet of one or one hundred vehicles. Agility Fleet makes financing your vehicles easy and manageable without requiring ownership. Business contract hire is a long-term rental agreement offering the exclusive...

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Business Contract Purchase

Agility Fleet offers another funding option which has similar benefits to contract hire, but provides the option to purchase the vehicle at the end of contract, known as business contract purchase. Business contract purchase is a long-term finance agreement for...

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Short Term / Flexi Leasing

Our Short Term / Flexi Leasing scheme is available to all businesses with no fixed contract term providing a car or van on hire without the risk of termination costs if deciding to return it*. Agility Fleet understands that, what’s...

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Sale & Leaseback

Another option to Agility Fleet’s funding portfolio is Sale and Leaseback. This is a financial transaction where we buy the company’s car or van and lease it back over a long term hire period. This is ideal if your business...

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Contact Agility Fleet

At Agility Fleet, our team are on hand to support and guide you through your fleet and personal contract hire needs.

If you have an enquiry please call us on  01527 571 605 or email us on

If your enquiry is related to vehicle accident or breakdown please call our 24 hours helpline 01527 571 605

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