Sale & Leaseback

Another option to Agility Fleet’s funding portfolio is Sale and Leaseback.

This is a financial transaction where we buy the company’s car or van and lease it back over a long term hire period.

This is ideal if your business wants to free up capital tied up in the fleet, reduce the risk or accelerate the changer over to Business Contract Hire or Business Contract Purchase.

This funding option will then provide the benefits of leasing with a fixed monthly rental with reduced administration of managing the fleet, whilst enabling the business to budget effectively.

The cash gained can then be utilised elsewhere to for your business.

Car insurance concept


How it works

Agility Fleet will give you market value on qualifying vehicles and lease them back to you on an agreed term with or without maintenance.  All you need to do is make fixed monthly rental for your arranged period of cover, then simply return the car back at the end of your contract.


What are the benefits

  • Provides an immediate cash injection
  • Helps to free up money for your business
  • Low upfront costs with fixed monthly payments
  • No vehicle disposal risk at the end of your contract
  • Reduces the administration associated with running your vehicles


What are the considerations

  • Early termination can be expensive
  • Exceeding your agreed mileage can be costly with excess mileage charges
  • Return the vehicle in a well maintained condition to avoid damage, over and above that stated in the Fair Wear and Tear Guide will be subject to additional charges
  • Vehicle must be insured with full comprehensive cover
  • You will never own the vehicle as there is no option to buy it back

Contact Agility Fleet

At Agility Fleet, our team are on hand to support and guide you through your fleet and personal contract hire needs.

If you have an enquiry please call us on  01527 571 605 or email us on

If your enquiry is related to vehicle accident or breakdown please call our 24 hours helpline 01527 571 605

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