June 2022 - Car announcements

Car announcements – June 2022

Published on June 22nd, 2022 | by Matthew Albutt

With all the chip shortages in the car industry, and the fact you still might be waiting for your new car to arrive you may think new models aren’t been announced. Well, we are pleased to say that despite all the industry supply issues we are still seeing a steady influx of new models of cars and vans. Take a look at the ones we’ve come across below:

  • Alfa Romeo Tonale

    Alfa Romeo Tonale

    The new Tonale made its UK debut at the 2022 Festival of Speed at Goodwood.

    The Tonale brings Alfa Romeo into the electrified era whilst still maintaining the bread and butter of the Italian brand.

    According to Alfa, the Tonale is the most advanced Alfa Romeo ever, including Amazon connectivity and a brand new customisable infotainment system with over the air updates (OTA). It includes a 12.3 inch digital screen and a 10.25 inch main touch screen.

    Engine wise, the Tonale is equipped with a 160h hybrid electric engine, with a 275hp plg-in hybrid version hopefully coming later on.

    Find more in the Alfa Romeo press release here.

  • Renault Megane E-Tech

    Renault Megane E-Tech

    Although announced some time ago, the new Renault Megane E-Tech is now  available through Agility Fleet.

    The new Megane E-Tech has an extended wheelbase and reduced overhang thanks to the new CMF-EV platform. It’s available in six colours that really are eye catching including a magnificent Flame Red as pictured.

    Renault say it’s manufactured with sustainability in mind with recycled materials, including the upholstery being made form 100% recycled materials.

    The ultra thin battery in the Megane E-Tech enables more room in the cabin and a maximum charge capacity of up to 130kw. It comes with a choice of two battery capacities; 40kWh for a range of up to 186 miles and a 60kWh battery with up to 292 miles.

    Find more on the Renault media site here.

  • Cupra Tavascan

    Cupra Tavascan

    Earlier this month Cupra announced three new up and coming models to be released over the next three years.

    One that has gotten much attention is the Cupra Tavascan, based on the concept car, and it will make it’s way to market in 2024 and will be the companies second 100% electric model following the Cupra Born.

    The all-electric coupe SUV will feature two motors combining 225kW. A 77kWh battery will give the Cupra Tavascan a range of up to 279 miles.

    If the actual model looks anything like the concept then it’s definitely going to be a looker.

    More information can be found on the Cupra website here.


  • Polestar 3

    Polestar 3

    Polestars recent announcement of the Polestar 3 SUV is the companies first SUV to come to market.

    Information is a little thin on the ground at the moment as Polestar are looking to officially launch the car in October 2022.

    We wouldn’t be surprised if the Polestar 3 uses the Volvo SUV platform along with similar safety technology. We will bring you more information as and when we have it so please subscribe to our channels to find out more.

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