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Top 5 benefits to driver training

Published on October 5th, 2022 | by Sophie West

Driver training helps drivers to understand the rules of the road and how to make more informed driving decisions. It does this by highlighting and teaching drivers safe driving habits. As a fleet manager, the safety of your drivers is top priority. That is why it is essential to ensure they have been trained and fully understand the importance, and the benefits, of training.

The driver training we offer consists of a driver risk assessment followed by e-modules. This can also be combined with a behavioural workshop or individualised on-the-road coaching, allowing you to implement a highly effective fleet safety solution.

As a result of completing these courses, drivers can learn techniques to navigate traffic and look ahead to assess situations on the road, therefore avoiding the most common types of crashes. We take a look at the top 5 benefits to driver training:


1 . Safer and more skilled drivers

Thousands of people are killed and thousands more injured in ‘on-the-job’ crashes each year. This is why the most important benefit to driver training is that it saves lives.

According to the National Statistics: Reported road casualties Great Britain, annual report: 2021 an estimated 27,450 people were killed or seriously injured (KSI) casualties in 2021. The good news is that most crashes are preventable with the right training, as this will ultimately reduce the number of road fatalities.

The driver training programme is designed to upskill drivers and improve driving techniques and mentality. Developing driver awareness and anticipation whilst on the road can help your drivers to identify and avoid potential risks, therefore, protecting themselves and your business.


2 . Driver training saves money

By providing driver training you can help your business save time and money. Having skilled, trained drivers on the road will significantly reduce the time spent off the road as a result of accidents and collisions, not forgetting the effects this also might have on any lost business.

Skilled drivers will have better awareness and anticipation skills.


3 . Reduced operating and fuel costs

Aside from maintaining your fleet through regular servicing, MOTs and periodic checks, driver training can help reduce your fleet costs. Trained drivers are more likely to; adhere to speed limits, stop driving aggressively, and achieve better fuel economy helping to reduce emissions and wear and tear. All these factors can have a significant effect on your fuel and operating costs.

By learning and implementing better driving techniques your drivers will be able to travel further for longer whilst also being safer.


4 . Ensures compliance and protection

Health and safety law applies to work activities on the road in the same way as it does to all work activities. You need to manage the risks to drivers as part of your health and safety arrangements.

Effective management of work-related road safety helps reduce risk. No matter what size your organisation is, the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 requires you to manage health and safety effectively. Driver training will help your business stay compliant by ensuring your drivers are up to date with their training and development.

Driver handbooks are also a beneficial document for both your business and your drivers as they outline important information including the safe driving practices your business expects.


5 . More satisfied and happier employees

By providing your employees with driver training, you are making your staff feel valued and thought of within the workplace. It shows you care about their safety and want to nurture their skills and careers.  This, in turn, helps to improve staff retention.

Increased overall job satisfaction will ultimately reduce driver turnover, and employees will have less stress and be more comfortable on the road as they have learnt how to tackle unique challenges they are faced with during their day job.


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