Fleet Management

In addition to vehicle funding, Agility Fleet offer a range of Fleet Management services to help you operate your company vehicles as efficiently as possible.

Whether you lease your vehicles through Agility Fleet or a third party leasing company or whether you own the vehicles outright, Agility Fleet can help you operate your fleet more effectively, reducing downtime and administration and save you money in the process.

Our Fleet Management solutions include Servicing and Maintenance, Accident Management, Breakdown & Recovery, Vehicle Procurement & Disposal all backed up with a comprehensive suite of Management Reports.

Maintenance & Services

Operating company vehicles from multiple suppliers or without fleet maintenance agreements can be more costly than you realise.

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Accident Management

Accidents are sometimes unavoidable and in many cases, it’s not the accident itself that causes the problem, but the process that follows it.

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Breakdown & Recovery

We can cover any or all of your vehicles with our highly reliable fleet breakdown and recovery service, removing the burden of negotiating individual cover for your vehicles and providing one telephone number to all of your drivers.

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Relief Vehicle

In the unlikely event that your lease vehicle is off the road or that there is a period of time between your lease vehicle being returned and the replacement vehicle being delivered to you, Agility Fleet will arrange for an appropriate fleet courtesy car to be sent to you for the interim period.

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Contract Management

Many fleet operators have multiple supplier arrangements in place. Be that with funders, leasing companies, maintenance providers or recovery agents.

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Agility Fleet provides clients with a wide variety of reports on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis to ensure the smooth running of their fleet vehicles.

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Vehicle Procurement & Disposal

We have built strong relationships with all vehicle manufacturers in order to perfect our vehicle procurement processes and costs.

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