Maintenance & Services

Operating company vehicles from multiple suppliers or without fleet maintenance agreements can be more costly than you realise. Often approval will be given for service and maintenance work to be undertaken that may not be due or even required; labour rates and parts pricing is likely to be uncompetitive compared to that available to a specialist fleet operator and then there is the issue of multiple suppliers presenting multiple invoices at different times of the month and the associated payment authorisation process.

Irrespective of whether you lease your vehicles from Agility Fleet, a third party leasing company or you outright purchase them, we can provide you with a comprehensive fleet maintenance solution, which will reduce costs and improve administration considerably.

If you take a fleet management package with Agility Fleet, we can offer the following service and maintenance solutions:

  • Service bookings – ring a single number for all of your vehicles and let us take care of booking your vehicle in for servicing. We can arrange collection and delivery or a courtesy vehicle (subject to availability). We will ensure your vehicles are only serviced at approved centres and only when due
  • Service authorisations – once the vehicle is booked in for service we will ensure that the work is undertaken in accordance with manufacturer recommendations. Using an approved service agent, you can be certain that the pricing will be competitive and any available manufacturer warranty or goodwill will be sought
  • Invoicing – we will issue you with a single, consolidated monthly invoice covering all transactions to make sure authorisation and payment is efficient and cost-effective


How is it priced?

We can offer two types of service and fleet maintenance contracts.

The first is a fully maintained agreement, where all maintenance risk is borne by Agility Fleet and you are charged a fixed monthly fee for the duration of the contract. The price is calculated based on vehicle type, contract duration and contract mileage. An excess mileage charge would apply should actual mileage exceed contracted mileage.

Alternatively, we will approve all expenditure and consolidate this into a single recharge invoice. This can be done for a fixed monthly fee or charged as a percentage of the total invoice value.

Please contact one of the team on 01527 571605 for more information about how we can start saving you time and money.