Vehicle Procurement & Disposal


At Agility Fleet we recognise that some companies prefer to purchase their vehicles rather than lease them. If this is your preferred method of vehicle acquisition, then Agility Fleet can help.

Over many years, we have developed strong relationships with vehicle manufacturers and supplying dealers. This, combined with the economies of scale we achieve, enable us to buy vehicles at extremely competitive rates on your behalf.

For more information on how we can help you reduce the cost of buying your company vehicles, please contact us and one of our advisors will be pleased to assist.


If you own your company vehicles there will come a time when you need to dispose of them, either because you are replacing with newly purchased vehicles or have chosen to lease or simply you no longer need the vehicle.

No matter how old or what condition the vehicle is in it will still have a resale value. We are experts in vehicle disposal and have access to many remarketing channels, we consistently achieve higher than market average pricing due to the unique way in which we sell used vehicles.

To get the best return for your used vehicles contact a member of our remarketing team who will be pleased to help.