Grey Fleet

At times it can be more convenient for employees to use their own vehicles for company business rather than providing them with a dedicated company vehicle or pool car. These employees are often referred to as ‘grey fleet’ drivers.

Whilst it may seem an easy option for employers to simply reimburse their drivers for using their own vehicles (including those with cars provided by way of a car allowance) it is far from being risk free.

As the employer you still have a Duty of Care to both your drivers and third parties. Should one of these drivers have an accident whilst on business purpose, your company may be liable if you don’t have the correct processes and procedures in place.

As a minimum your company must ensure that the driver regularly completes safety checks, has adequate insurance in place and maintains regular servicing and maintenance on their vehicle.

At Agility Fleet we recognise the benefit Grey Fleet can offer certain businesses and we have developed, in conjunction with our sister company Agility Risk and Compliance Ltd, a range of Duty of Care solutions to help you mitigate risk and improve compliance.