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Ford E-Transit 2023 Review: A Glimpse into the Future of Electric Commercial Vans

Published on August 22nd, 2023 | by Tom Kerrigan


Ford E-Transit 2023 Review Introduction:

In the world of commercial vehicles, innovation often takes a backseat to practicality. However, the all-new 2023 Ford E-Transit seeks to redefine this norm, combining the utility of a cargo van with the efficiency of an electric powertrain. Our day with the E-Transit revealed an intriguing blend of performance, comfort, and technology, while shedding light on the challenges that still lie ahead for electric vans in the commercial sector.

Unleashing Instant Power:

Traditionally, vans have been associated with sluggishness, particularly evident during acceleration and at junctions. The Ford E-Transit breaks this mould with its electric powertrain. The instant power delivery offered by the electric motors addressed the acceleration woes typically associated with large vehicles. A notable improvement was felt when getting off junctions, making the E-Transit surprisingly agile for its size. The incorporation of a heavy-duty battery beneath the load floor not only contributed to a low centre of gravity but also aided in reducing body roll, ensuring a planted feel even around corners.

Functional Interior with a Modern Twist:

Stepping inside the E-Transit’s cabin, one encounters an interior that strikes a balance between practicality and modernity. While the overall design might appear basic, it is well-suited for its role as a workhorse. The presence of a touchscreen infotainment system, compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, adds a touch of modern convenience. Storage options abound, catering to the needs of tradespeople and delivery drivers alike. The trim adds a touch of sophistication to an otherwise utilitarian environment, making the E-Transit a comfortable space for long hours on the road (If the range allows).

Tech at Your Fingertips:

Modern technology takes the forefront in the E-Transit, with features designed to enhance both convenience and safety. The user-friendly touchscreen interface is a gateway to seamless connectivity, allowing drivers to integrate their smartphones effortlessly. The inclusion of clear heads-up display elements aids in keeping vital information in the driver’s line of sight. The Driver Assistance Pack proved its worth, contributing to a safer driving experience. The rearview camera, a standout feature, eliminated blind spots and provided a wider field of view, a boon when navigating tight urban spaces.

The Challenge of Range:

One of the E-Transit’s main selling points is its electric powertrain, promising a range of 166 to 196 miles. However, as is the case with electric vehicles, the real-world range can be significantly impacted by load and driving conditions. While we didn’t have the opportunity to test its full-loaded range, it’s clear that electric vans face a challenge in providing a practical range for the demands of commercial use. To truly replace traditional combustion-engine vans, increasing the range without compromising payload capacity is a hurdle that needs to be addressed.

Modern Aesthetics for a New Era:

The exterior of the E-Transit embraces a familiar aesthetic, as is expected from the Transit line. However, subtle design elements set it apart, marking the shift to an electric future. The Chrome Blue colour of this model not only adds vibrancy but also exudes a sense of professionalism. The most noticeable departure from tradition is the new blue E-Transit grille, a modern touch that instantly identifies the vehicle as electric. This modern flair injects a breath of fresh air into a design that’s proven its practicality over the years.


In conclusion, the 2023 Ford E-Transit delivers a glimpse into the future of electric commercial vans. With its instant power, functional interior, and impressive technology offerings, it shows the potential for a more efficient and environmentally friendly alternative in the commercial sector. However, the limitations of electric vehicle range in demanding commercial applications are a reminder that there’s still work to be done. As the automotive industry navigates this transition, the E-Transit stands as a promising step toward reshaping the way we perceive and utilise commercial vehicles.


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