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Genesis GV60 Review

Published on August 24th, 2022 | by Matthew Albutt

The Genesis GV60 has only been on the market for a split second, so it was amazing to have one delivered to the Agility Fleet offices for us to test drive for a week. The model we were given was the Sport Plus in Himalayan Grey featuring Performance Nappa Leather with Quilting in navy. The comfort seat pack gave us both heated and air-conditioned seats and the Innovation pack was also included. You can say Genesis really did spoil us with this model.

As usual, we cover five key sections and give a member of the team one each to review, giving it a score out of 5.

  • Design - 5/5

    There is a lot to like in the Genesis GV60, both inside and out, so I’ll try and keep it concise.

    Externally the car has a Bentley-esque front, and features a lot of rounded edges and curves, a stylish large front grill, and door handles that lock in flush against the body giving it a clean finish. There are a range of colours to choose from to suit differing personalities – loud and proud to subtle and subdued.

    Internally the car continues to please, from the sleek, long, curved mounted dash screen, easy scroll buttons on the central arm level unit, and the iconic, instagrammable sphere that flips 180* to then act as a drive mode selector. I appreciated the suede-style doors, although that did divide some opinion, and even the glove box was cleverly thought about – opening as a sliding tray. I liked the fact the car hadn’t gone too modern with an abundance of touch screen buttons, which I personally hate, as you can’t feel the impact of them. The boot was a decent size and had compartment storage under the carpeted base to house the charging cables – rather than them being tossed in haphazardly, and who doesn’t like an automatic tailgate?

    Everything seemed to be ergonomically designed and easy to adjust; the steering wheel, seats, backrest and the massage option………..sold! So simple but so effective – back window pull-up sun shades to eliminate light. The back seats can sometimes feel a bit forgotten in certain vehicles, but with the Genesis you have your own headlight, air vent, cable port, speaker, drinks holder and option of heated seats.

    The only minor thing I would mention is the model we received had a tad too much blue in the interior – but as this would be an optional feature it wouldn’t affect my overall score. It was also mentioned that it wasn’t designed for tall people; a long person in the front and then in the back behind them would be difficult, but at 5ft 1 this would never be an issue for me!

    Reviewed by Rhian Hawkings, Head of Marketing

  • Infotainment – 4/5

    The infotainment system is spread across from the driver display giving a floating feeling. It’s something I’ve particularly liked in the new Kia and Hyundai EVs, so it’s nice to see another brand taking on this simplistic design ethos.

    The graphics on the centre display were nice and big and similar to a smart TV in terms of the fact they had a little description of what each area did, instead of just an icon. The screen itself was very responsive and up there with smartphones – I didn’t notice any lag at all. One thing that did surprise me, was the fact that it didn’t have wireless Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. It was nice to see physical buttons and dials for certain areas, such as the heated and ventilated seats, volume control and climate control.

    If you do have kids in the back, or fully grown adults, who have fallen asleep, then you can give them some peace and quiet by selecting ‘quiet mode’ which essentially turns off the real speakers and only plays music through the front ones.

    Although I liked the dash, it didn’t seem that customisable, but that just might be because I’m used to the customisation you can get from cars in the VW Group. It’s not a drawback of the GV60 at all.

    The Genesis GV60 comes with a satnav built-in with AR graphics which show on both the centre console and digital dash. The AR graphics were an informative feature and displayed at the exact points they needed to and made sure you didn’t miss a turning or junction. This is also twinned with the blind spot cameras you get whenever you put the indicators on at a turning.

    Reviewed by Sean Dalton, Head of Direct Sales & Rental

  • Comfort - 4/5

    The seats were very comfortable. They have a nice amount of padding, and when in sports mode will hug you even more. If two of you use the car, you can program in your seat and steering wheel settings, so when you get back in the car after someone else has used it, the car will automatically put everything back to where it was when you set it.

    The suspension was hard, but not that hard to make it feel uncomfortable when travelling over bumpy roads or potholes. The steering also gave reassuring feedback, so you knew exactly where the wheels were at any given time.

    We took  4 people out in the car without any major issues, although I feel if you had 4 six-footers then there would be some space issues in the back.

    Reviewed by Jess Powell, Fleet Partner Relationship Manager

  • Practicality - 4/5

    Overall the Genesis GV60 is very practical with plenty of storage in the cabin and boot space. As mentioned above, we aren’t sure about fitting 4 tall adults in the car as it might be a squeeze in the back, especially behind the driver. If you have a shorter driver, then you won’t have this issue at all.

    We loaded the car up with some suitcases and found the 432 litre space more than enough for our needs, and can’t see any issues for those family trips away.

    The panoramic sunroof was a nice touch and let a lot of light into the cabin, which made it feel airy and bigger than it was. If the sun was too bright, then you can simply close the cover which comes inwards from the outside – a nice touch we thought.

    One of my colleagues thought the dash was too low and way out of normal eye line, which meant you may take your eyes off the road for longer. I’d never come across this before and didn’t notice it myself.

    Overall size-wise, you’re probably looking similar to the Mercedes GLC, BMW X3 or Audi Q5.

    Reviewed by Mike McKernan, Sales Executive

  • Performance - 5/5

    What can I say? Across the board, 99% of people were impressed with the acceleration from the Genesis GV60, especially from the boost button, which gives you a 10-second boost and can launch the car from 0-62mph in 4 seconds.

    Genesis state that you can travel around 321 miles out of a full charge, which is pretty good. No one drove it from fully charged to empty, however, we estimate that in the real world you would probably get around 280 miles depending on conditions.

    Interestingly there is a ‘drift mode’, which essentially, once you’ve put in a combination of buttons reminiscent of an old PlayStation 2 cheat code, will optimise the distribution of power between the two electric motors for some instant sideways drifting.

    Reviewed by multiple people.


The Genesis GV60 is an great SUV crossover with some amazing and innovative technology to make the drivers life more exciting and easier. Some of it is a little gimmicky, but it’s all stuff the majority of people will be interested in.

The Agility Fleet team gave the Genesis GV60 an overall score of 22/25. To read more of our vehicle reviews click here.

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