Mazda CX 60 Review

Published on January 11th, 2023 | by Tom Kerrigan

Mazda have officially entered the hybrid market with their all-new Mazda CX-60. This petrol hybrid shows that the Japanese manufacturer is finally turning to the eco side, something they have previously been reluctant to do. We are in a modern age electric vehicles and they have only now decided to enter the space! Are they late to the game, playing catch up or have they taken their time to perfect an explosive entrance?

  • Design

    The design of the CX 60 is traditionally Mazda, taking plenty of inspiration from their previous SUV models like the CX 5. Everyone at Agility was impressed with both the interior and exterior as the car looked sophisticated and grown up without being boring. The Takumi model that we had did have some additional extras such as the machined 20” alloy wheels, more aggressive front grille and chrome trims to name a few. On the inside, there are white Nappa leather seat trims and white maple wood accents. Mazda are attempting to reach into the more premium market and the design of this SUV certainly correlates with their intentions, the CX 60 looked and felt like a premium car.

  • Driving

    The SUV had a 2.5-litre four-cylinder petrol engine and a 241kw battery with a combined total power output of 327bhp. This means the Mazda CX-60 has a 0-62mph time of 5.8sec. There is plenty of power available in this vehicle which made it fun to drive. However, when you put your foot down to unleash that power there was a delay which can get frustrating for the driver.

    One main keyword when discussing the driving performance of the CX 60 is Tranquillity. The areas that Mazda have excelled in are the places that you would expect, the steering, comfort and seating position made driving very pleasant. Unfortunately, the tranquillity of the cockpit got slightly disturbed by the power train. When driving in electric mode the motors sound whiney and when using the 2.5-litre engine a slight vibration could be felt. The transition between battery to petrol engine could also be felt especially when the battery power is very low. It can be said though that these small issues we found do not seem to be detrimental to Mazda’s venture into greener solutions but more teething problems and with more time to develop can be ironed out quickly and efficiently. It must be said that the Mazda CX 60 is a lovely place to be and a really comfortable drive regardless of motorway or country lane driving.

  • Technology

    There was plenty of technology packed into the Mazda CX60 a lot you would expect as standard for a car of this price point such as the Bose 12 speaker surround sound system, two 12.3” infotainment and digital displays and heated steering wheel. The main feature that really impressed us though was the personalised automatic driver position. This system recognises the driver in the vehicle and then adjusts over 250 settings to get the perfect driving position for your height. Everybody has their own comfortable preferred driving position but all of the individuals that tested this system from Agility found it very comfortable, useful and accurate for the best way to be sat in the car.

  • Conclusion

    In conclusion, the Mazda CX60 really impressed us at Agility. From exterior design to interior styling and road handling capabilities. This SUV shows that Mazda are not only ready to enter the hybrid market but the premium end of it as well. There are a few teething problems that have been pointed out but as their first attempt at a green solution vehicle this car works extremely well. The minor issues with noise and throttle response are all small changes that we are sure will be rectified as they venture further into hybrid power.

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