VW Crafter Tipper Review

Published on November 21st, 2022 | by Sophie West

Here at Agility HQ, we have been lucky enough to check out the entire Volkswagen commercial range. It varied in size with the smallest being a caddy and the largest a tipper, which is what we’ll concentrate this review on below.

Our first impressions were of awe about the size of the VW Crafter Tipper. The 7-seater double cab and large hydraulic powered cargo platform demonstrate the capacity of tasks this van is able to undertake. From being a people carrier to removing up to 1,000kg of rubble, this vehicle feels very well suited to any job that has the word “big” in the description.

  • The Cab

    An impressive benefit of this van is the double cab set up. The space inside and its capacity to hold 7 people is an enticing unique selling point for those needing to transport workers to work sites. Unfortunately, the ability to perform large jobs is where the benefits of this tipper stopped. The model that we had was the baseline one and it was quite obvious when inside the cab as it was missing steering wheel controls and a modern infotainment system. There were plenty of storage compartments under the seats and built into the dashboard, but the cab lacked a lot of luxuries that would be expected with newer vans.

  • Cargo Space

    The Ingimex cargo platform demonstrated plenty of versatility with drop sides to make loading and unloading building materials much more frictionless, and a high-vis manual tailgate; offering tip over or tip through functionality. The hydraulic system was simple and easy to use; even those of us who have little experience with operating light commercial vehicles could get to grips with the system.

    With a payload of up to 1,081kg and a hydraulic tipping function, this van is well equipped to handle the delivery of difficult to transport materials like aggregates and the removal of rubble.

  • Driving

    If you aren’t used to driving around large vehicles then the Crafter Tipper is quite intimidating to take out for a test. It feels more reminiscent of a bus rather than a van due to the length and the double cab layout. It is, however, a really nice drive The automatic gearbox makes for a very smooth journey. It may be lacking luxuries but for the basic essence of driving it does the job well.

    We took our friends from a local building firm out in the tipper to see what points they would mention that we might not initially think about. They all pointed out that the missing reverse sensors/camera on a van that size was a recipe for disaster. To avoid any damage then this would be a much needed safety feature as it is not an easy van to manoeuvre. It was made clear that they all liked the van but would need a higher specification to be convinced to buy.

  • Conclusion

    The Volkswagen Crafter Tipper impressed us here at Agility for being what it says on the tin, which is a workhorse that will do everything that it needs to do. The loading capabilities and people carrying element does make this van an excellent choice for those companies that often deal with large jobs or have plenty of workers. Unfortunately, we agree with our builder friends in that the higher specification models would certainly be needed over the basic.

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